Call for Nominations for the IEEE OES Autonomous Maritime Systems Award

The Autonomous Maritime Systems Technology Committee of the IEEE OES would like to ask you to nominate persons who should be recognized in our community for their accomplishments in the autonomous maritime systems (AMS) field. The awards will be presented at AUV2020.

Please send the following information to the Awards Committee:

  • Nominee’s name
  • Affiliation
  • Recommendation letter with detailed reasons why you nominate the person.

Nomination of others and self-nominations are both welcome.

Email your nominations to the AUV2020 Awards Committee at:

Bill Kirkwood (on the right) after being presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at AUV2018, joined by his wife and Hanumant Singh.
On the left, Hayato Kondo receiving his Rising Star Award at AUV2018 from Bill Kirkwood. On the right, the same award being presented to João Borges de Sousa by Hanumant Singh and Bill Kirkwood.